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Luciano Cruz

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Luciano Cruz

Hi Internet friends! My name is Luciano Fleury da Cruz, I live in the city of Juiz de Fora (or JF, as we use to call it), state of Minas Gerais, here in Brazil. Until the next March 18 Iíll still be 23 years old. Though Iíve studied Physics (thatís it, Physics!!!), which, let me say, I just love, nowadays I work managing a small own business that I have with a friend of mine. But we arenít here to talk about this...

We are here to talk about bodybuilding, right? Well, since I was a teenager Iíve always been somehow attracted by muscular women (not necessarily pro bodybuilders, but women with a strong, worked out, well developed body). But at that time I still had no motivation to start practicing. When I was 19 I realized that if Iíd like to get in touch (and have a chance) with them, I should start bodybuilding too. And thatís what Iíve done so...

As time went by, my interests changed a little. Iím still attracted by muscular women, but I realized that my own opinion and self-esteem were more important things, I mean, I began training more for my own satisfaction and welfare than for the otherís satisfaction. This process of changing lasted till I was 22, period while my training routine has been quite irregular and I havenít followed any decent diet. Of course, my results during that time havenít been that good.

In í97, when I began working with my friend in our business, I decided to change that situation. I consulted a nutritionist and, in September, I came back to weight lifting (I was doing nothing about since December í96). This time, however, absolutely seriously. I dare say that due to these things (serious training and dieting) I got during this short period of time better results than I had in the last three years. And I also canít forget Flávia, my great trainer, a direct responsible for all.

Well, thatís it! Nowadays Iím more and more passionated and involved by bodybuilding and, the most important, Iím feeling myself very very well. Let me say again that my admiration for muscular and well-defined women is still the same. I would like really a lot to get in touch and to change impressions with other people, from other places, about this subject. And, of course, about others too! Thatís why Iím here...

To contact Luciano directly, write to professorcruz@artnet.com.br.
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