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Lisa Lenling

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Lisa Lenling

Hi! I'm Lisa. I am 20 years old. I stand 5'6" and weigh 113 lbs. In 1994 I won the Northern Plains Natural Bodybuilding Championship.

I started training with weights in the summer of 1991. That summer, I fell in love with lifting and the feeling I had after a great workout and the results I began to see. It was at Tony's Fitness Center in Aberdeen, South Dakota where my roots in weight lifting started. Three years late I was handed the first place trophy for the 1994 Natural Northern Plains Bodybuilding Champion. Nothing beats the feeling of standing on stage and showing an audience full of friends and family what you have worked so hard on for the past six months. Seventeen at the time, I also took home a trophy for teen-age overall, middle-weight women's overall and best poser.

I have not competed in a contest since then, but I continue to train hard and keep focused on competing in a fitness contest in the near future. In a fitness contest you demonstrate skill as well as a conditioned physique. I like the look of a fitness competitor. The women who compete look healthy and vibrant. I want to maintain a feminine physique while still creating more muscle definition and size. Having a background in gymnastics and being a former aerobics instructor has give me a basis to work from. One thing that stays important to me is being drug and steroid free.

My other hobbies, interests and goals include, pursuing a career in interior design through the University of Minnesota, being a nanny for two wonderful girls, watching movies, and spending time with my boyfriend, Eric who also happens to be my workout partner for the past 5 years. Eric, who has also competed in bodybuilding meets, helps me a great deal by keeping me motivated. He helped me very much when I had to prepare for contest. It is easy to get the wrong information about diet, especially during contest training.

Nothing has helped me more in my life than my focus on fitness and health. When I look great, I feel great. I recommend weight training for all women no matter what shape you may be in. there are many misconceptions about training with weights. Weight training will condition your muscle to burn fat, plain and simple. Remember, more than anything, education is the key. Keeping yourself informed about exercise, weight lifting and fitness is the tool that can give you the edge.

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