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Janie Rhines

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Janie Rhines

Today is a great day! Let me start by introducing myself to you. My name is Janie Rhines. To give an idea of who I am, my life history is as follows:

My age is 37 (don't I look fabulous!!). I moved to Minnesota from St. Louis MO. 19 years ago. I attended the University of Minnesota, studied and majored in the field of communications in 1982, worked for a major corporation in public affairs, got married (no kids), left my husband to better my life without verbal and physical violence. Also in 1993, after leaving and soon divorcing my husband, I left my job.

Now let's get to the heart of where I am today. In order to do that, let's take a journey back in time for the moment. I began weight training in 1989. It was my way of escaping the verbal and physical violence at home. I entered my first contest, did not do very well, but that did not stop me. Weight training helped me build back my self esteem and self worth. I decided to get serious and by 1990 I took fifth place in Ms. Minnesota Heavyweight competition.and in 1991 I won Ms. Mid States middle weight competition. In 1992 I had some difficult times, but never lost my drive and love for the sport. In 1994 I placed second in NPC Upper Midwest Natural in the heavy weight division. Also in 1994 I placed fourth in the heavy weight class of the Ms. Minnesota competition.

I became a personal trainer in 1992. In 1992 I also developed my own business called Elite Physique of Motivational Personal Training and also created and designed Elite Fitness Sportswear

Weight training has given me a higher inner strength to take on all life's challenges and it can do the same for you. I believe no matter where you live and no matter what obstacles are in your way, weight training can give you the emotional/physical power to jump right over and forge ahead. With my service and your commitment, I am here to help you achieve that ultimate power and show you that you too can overcome the diverse barriers of living. You Can Do It!! Are you ready!?! I will supply you with information regarding supplements, training, diet and motivational support by:

Get Strong! Stay Healthy! Let me help!! For free consultation call: Janie Rhines at 612-825-4426 or send your inquiries to Gypsy using the mailto provided below and she will relay your concerns.
You may send your comments and suggestions to Gypsy --- The Gift of Youth via electronic mail by sending email to:

gypsy@dreamagic.com (Gypsy)

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