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Diet Myths That Doctors Warn About

By: Nicky Flanders of liposuctioncost.com

When it comes to dieting, I've heard many different myths for it. From dieting after six in the afternoon, Adding extra salt in the food so you'd stop eating, and even drinking apple cider for a week. Some medical techniques include but are not limited to liposuction, even diets pills for weight loss and even diet foods. When you are looking for a diet regimen, sometimes we have to listen to our body. If it sounds too good to be true, then usually it is. The same will also go when it comes to medicines and supplements for weight loss. While one pervading myth about taking these is basically "This is all I need to do to lose weight", this is far from the truth.

When taking medicines or supplements, medical supervision is an excellent idea. Also when losing weight you need to have exercise and diet also included in a safe weight loss plan. The reason for medical supervision is if you are taking medications some supplements and diet medications will contradict your other medications. Another myth is that crash dieting can help you lose weight. Crash or starvation diets work short term but they do major damage to the body. It is unwise to use these for permanent weight loss. Another problem can come in with diet plans.

Some diet plans are not safe to use. Most people tend to believe that any diet is safe. That is a myth. Many popular diets and fad diets are dangerous because they are unbalanced. To lose weight, you have to eat healthy, cut calories, exercise and get plenty of hydration. Liquid diets also are a dangerous diet to work with. Protein and other nutrients are not available with diets such as the lemonade diet. Even medical procedures used to help those that are morbidly obese are not safe from myths.

Many fail to realize that they have to change their way of eating and there are risks involved. Most of the time these risks are negligible, however things do occur. Some surgical intervention like Liposuction and gastric by pass are safe when done in the hands of a qualified professional. It can take up to eight weeks depending on procedures for you to heal. But there are also risks involved with any medical procedure such as fluid imbalance, muscle spasms, burns or pain and discomfort they are limited in scope for most patients. That also comes with maintenance.

Take the time and consult a dietitian or a doctor when researching diets, diet aids, supplements and surgical procedures. Many people buy into advertising that is not always truthful and can suffer serious consequences as a result. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that makes money off people who want to lose weight. Researching your options and debunking dieting myths can help you to find the right solution for the problem of losing weight. There is no one size fits all solution for weight loss for everyone.

Cookie cutter diets, programs and medical procedures cannot treat all weight loss the same. It has to be taken on as an individual basis. That's why we have dietitians that we can consult. No two people will lose weight the same or react the same to surgical intervention. Only a doctor can give you the right advice here.

Diet Myths That Doctors Warn About

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