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The Gift of Youth --- Gypsy

A Few Words from Our Sponsor...

Gypsy has asked me to write an introduction to her Web pages. So, first, I will tell you a little about her. She is over a half century old, has fifteen children (although she "only" birthed five of them) and twenty six (at last count) grandchildren.

A couple of years ago, she had taken one of her young grandchildren to a local park and was watching her, Gabrielle, climb on the playground equipment. At one point, Gabrielle asked Gypsy to lift her onto a very high swing. Gypsy found, to her astonishment, that she could not do it!

So, she visited a local gym and asked if there was anything she could do about it. Indeed, she could. The men and women there assured her that she could not only become stronger, but could also gain a variety of other rewards.

In the next two years, Gypsy was to experience first hand the many, many benefits of regular resistance training (the formal name for weighlifting or "pumping iron"). Now she is passing on her knowledge to other women and men in her previous state. That is, tired and weak.

Which brings me to the title of her Net pages, The Gift of Youth. The gift of which she speaks is the gift of vitality and strength. Gypsy wouldn't think of trading the knowledge and experience of her years for those of a twenty year old. But, to wake up each morning feeling strong and healthy, ah, now there's a different story...

Check out her thoughts and especially her advice below...Willy Chaplin --- The Dream Machine

We have received so many requests to cross link our site that we have created a page of other fitness sites that have come to our attention. Check it out!

Also, the new Muscle of the Month feature will actually guide you through the exercises that affect that muscle or group of muscles.

We have added a feature called There's No Business Like "Show" Business which will feature lifters who choose to show off the bodies they have worked so hard to achieve. Check it out.

Note: Gypsy co-authors a political/humor column, How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This? with her husband, Willy Chaplin.

Note: Gypsy is currently also featured on the Dolfzine. Each month they publish one of her reader response articles.

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gypsy@dreamagic.com (Gypsy)

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