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Darnell Yates

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Darnell Yates

When I first saw Darnell Yates perform, it was an experience I shall never forget. I had gone to see my first body building show and was unsure as to what to expect. I went with a friend who was well versed on the ins and outs of bodybuilding. As we sat and observed, my friend would draw my attention to the various poses and muscle groups that the contestants showed. Since it was my first show, I was mesmerized and absorbed much of the time by the what to do and not to do, when performing on the body building stage. After the first few groups performed and I started getting the hang of what to look for in a pose, I became a bit bored. As I sat musing on how much longer this would be, I heard over the speakers a call go out something like: "Would Mr.Darnell Yates, please come to the back. Is Darnell Yates here." I knew Darnell from the gym. I knew he was a hard intense worker, who loved the work he was doing. I was horrified to think he missed his show and I started to get worried. When I looked ov er at my friend, I saw him smiling. I said, "Where's Darnell." He said that was a tape he prepared, before going on. Sure enough within seconds, Darnell appeared much to my relief and began to perform. Not only did Mr. Darnell Yates perform, but he performed superbly. The boredom I was feeling a short time ago, changed to a rapt enthusiastic viewing of a fine, classy performance. The serious and hard work paid off and before my eyes I saw a person who loved what he was doing and let everyone one see just how much he loved performing for the audience.

The competition was the 10,000 Lake Championship and Darnell won the overall in Novice. Darnell went on to win the overall in the Minnesota Classic Championships. It was such a pleasure seeing someone's hard work and persistence pay off.

Besides coaching football, Darnell is a personal trainer and anyone who has the opportunity to work with him will be well rewarded for the experience. He is a happily married man and loves helping others achieve their goals. He gives of himself unselfishly, which in my eyes makes him a "winner exceptional".

His future plans includes National Competition in August. He will also participate in the Iron Man Competition in Minnesota.

Darnell Yates-B.K.A. D-One (Meaning Darnell is # one). I'll lift to that!!


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