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Because I Said So


Jackson Newsome

…the pinnacle of safe…

Because I Said So
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Movies that play on the safe side bug me. They don't take risks, they don't do anything original, and they certainly don't entertain. Because I Said So is the pinnacle of safe. Unfortunately, Keaton starred in this sloppy film. Then again, she may have been the only reason I didn't take a nap.

Daphne (Keaton) begins taking an active role in her daughter's love life once she begins seeing history repeating itself. In an attempt to help, Daphne creates an ad luring in men to start a serious relationship with Milly (Moore). Much to her mother's dislike, Milly finds a new love interest and becomes bored with her former choice. Her sisters must keep their mom's wild behavior under control while keeping everything under wraps. There is also a side story about her musician boyfriend's family, but they are as lame as every other element of the movie.

While watching this, I kept waiting and waiting for the really good part that defines the movie. It never came (and I'm not including "The End"). It was as if they were stalling so that you wouldn't get irritated. Every time you'd start to drift off something mildly interesting would happen and then it would fall right back over the cliff of boredom. Moore's acting was acceptable but no one blew me away. If you want a very safe, cliché, romantic comedy I would recommend nothing else. Fans of Keaton/Moore will be disappointed though, and that is a shame.

My Rating = One Star

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