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The Web Poetry Corner - Wil C. Fry IV - I Saw Your Face

I Saw Your Face


Wil C. Fry IV

I thought of you at the wilderness campsite
I saw your face in the dancing firelight
I fancied I could feel your warmth at my side
I dreamt you were there, beneath the cloud covered night
You weren't really there, but I felt you just the same
Upon my heart, anyone can clearly see your name
The smell of fresh soil, the dampness of the dew
The rushing river; none of these compete with you.
These are all real, real as can be
But none are as real as you seemed to me
The vision of you that I could see
I pray you'll always be with me
I pray that you'll never leave me
I need that vision of you to stay
I need to hear your voice every day
The sun filtering through the trees, a soft breeze blowing
I see evidence of a Creator, One who is all-knowing
From a hilltop, I can see for miles
across trees, fields, streams - I doze off for a while
Amidst this beauty, on God's green earth, yes, it's true
All I can think of at a time like this is you.

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