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The Web Poetry Corner - Varshini Krishnakumar - The Naughty Doll

The Naughty Doll


Varshini Krishnakumar

There was a naughty doll
She was so small
And believe it or not !
She used to boast a lot!

The toys were terribly bored
With the naughty doll's talk
of her riches and money
And her own pet giant hawk

And you know what they did?
They went to the little gnome ,Sid
So Sid agreed to get rid of her boasting
And this is what he did

He went to the playroom
And took a flower with him that would bloom
Two whiskers, a rock and a single seed
was all that Sid the gnome would need

He talked to the naughty doll many a thing
And gave her a little shiny ring
But what they talked no one could hear
even though they tried to lenthgen their ear

But one thing knew after that
That little naughty doll was not as boastfull as a cat
So tell me if there is a naughty kid
For I'm sure I can tell you where to find Sid!

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