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The Web Poetry Corner - Tiffiany Bates - The Things That I Do

The Things That I Do


Tiffiany Bates

You come see me
almost every night
and when you dont
I want to fight
The reason why
is plain to see
I want you here
holding me
I get stubborn
and I get mad
That's the thing
that is so bad
It makes you weak
and want to cry
you try to argue
then give a sigh
you finally give up
and then you are hurt
It makes me feel bad
makes me feel like dirt
I feel bad
and I give in
This is where
you always win
WInning is not
the point here
It's just me
living in fear
WHat if I lose you?
WHat would I do?
What if you found
someone new?
That is why
I get mad
and that is why
I make you sad
I just want you
by my side
Knowing you
have nothing to hide
So listen to me
listen close
this is a drug
a one time dose
Love is the drug
and I am addicted
So please dont think
that I am wicked
I know I am mean
a lot of the time

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