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The Web Poetry Corner - Susann E. Haimes - The Pantheon%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BDs Response (Giggles)

The Pantheon%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BDs Response (Giggles)


Susann E. Haimes

We don’t hate you-
we can’t hate you.
You sparked a TWINGE-
Ms. Venus just giggled.
You bring her back from the beach just to hear her laugh.
Juno says you’re "an ass
who will leave us once we hand over the goods-"
once your hands have HAD the goods.
Maybe she’s right.
"Maybe she’s just tight."
There goes Ms. Venus again,
Strangely, Diana isn’t speaking up.
She’s still hunting down Orion,
if you know what I mean.
Maybe she supports this notion?
"Blue eyes, ties and goatees?"
I think she just giggled.
Giggled- Diana?
What has happened here-
what have we let you do to us?
These smirks and smiles despite it...
You see,
we have the inherent knowledge that
our Empire will fall,
at the cusp
of your

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