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The Web Poetry Corner - Susann E. Haimes - Standing Outside a Church Door

Standing Outside a Church Door


Susann E. Haimes

Got a cigarette lit- funny I donít smoke. Oh well, itís enough to keep me warm.
Hmm. Satisfied yet, Mr. Sir? Iím my own saint, but you say Iím LOST with dirty boots. Iím not invincible sir, I swear to you- even Willows break. But with this fag lit up like a CHRISTmas tree, I wouldnít believe me either. No, I couldnít.

Watch the nicotine, reminds me of Frank and Myrrh hanginí with a Motherís crib. Holy. Yeah and her first Son- your first sun. Satisfied yet, Mr. Sir?
My mother was a lovely child with a manís hand in her pants. Sheís not crying now, but dreams still carry. But with this cigarette lit up like a hot poker, I wouldnít believe me either. No, I couldnít.

Daddy, am I still here? Daddy, can you call me out to preach gone my forehead? Iím tired of swaying, here in the cold of Your House. Collection plates for services, but only on Sundays. For you Daddy. All for you.

So Iím still standing with that cigarette. People grasping lies in concepts untrue. From me and this light. Ha. Iím not invincible, I say- but Willows whisper for those who take time. And Iím still pure beyond this. I am still pure within this. I am still pure_ Outside this Church door. Mr. Sir. Mr. Sir, I donít believe in you either- even with that light. Your Stained- glass Light.

This poem is not in reference to "God" per say. I readily believe in a higher force and praise it. No, this poem is to the wealthy, white, sinning men who conduct a skewed and limiting version of what is something truly incomprehensible by so small a being. This poem is about limiting our search for greater knowledge, and the corruption that closed doors create. I have been assaulted throughout my life to believe in only Him- through the words of men- in their houses that the Earth was spread and raped to create.
I personally, believe in trees. That one shouldnít have break into the Earth to learn about/praise the Universe. I believe our concepts are small in understanding the power of all things- what ever they may be. I will never censor my mind from searching for the greater understanding of things that are. That is my self promise in this vehicle (this life).

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