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The Web Poetry Corner - Ron Bliss - When I touch a rose

When I touch a rose


Ron Bliss

When I see the dawning of a new day,
I see hope for tomorrow,
I see thankfulness for yesterday,
I see new opportunities in my love for you,
When I see the dawn.

When I feel a breeze against my cheek,
I feel the nearness of you,
I feel your love surrounding me,
I feel your arms embracing me,
When I feel a breeze.

When I hear the ocean kiss the shore,
I hear you as you call to me,
I hear the rhythm of our lives,
I hear your thoughts as they come to me,
When I hear the ocean.

When I see the full moon rising high,
I see your countenance shining brightly,
I see the reflection of your love,
I see into your heart,
When I see the moon.

When I touch the petal of a rose,
I touch the gentleness of your love,
I touch the beauty of your heart,
I touch the fragrance of your being,
When I touch a rose.

In all that is in and around me,
You are there,
When I see the dawn,
When I feel a breeze,
When I hear the ocean,
When I see the moon,
When I touch a rose,
You are there,
You are love.

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