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The Web Poetry Corner - Ron Bliss - Picking Up the Pieces

Picking Up the Pieces


Ron Bliss

I donít go to places where we used to go,
The music we shared now is gone,
Iím trying to pick up the pieces thatís left,
To get past this moment, move on.
Iíve burned all the letters that you wrote to me,
Each letter said weíd never part,
Iím ridding my life of the memories of you,
But you are still there in my heart,
Iíve torn up the photos, of us and of you,
The friends that we shared donít come by,
My friends treat me gently, as if I donít see,
In kindness they never ask why,
I donít watch the movies that we loved to watch,
For we lived each roll, each part,
The beach is off limits where we used to go,
But you are still there in my heart.
I canít bring my self to go strolling at night,
Under stars and a silvery moon,
I donít have my lunch in the places we ate,
When the clock tells me it is near noon,
Iíve discarded all memories and thoughts that are you,
Each item, each action, each part,
Each day I move closer to living again,
But you are still there in my heart.

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