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The Web Poetry Corner - Ron Bliss - Memory Book

Memory Book


Ron Bliss

I ran across a photograph,
Reflecting better days,
How much I thought, my life has changed,
In many, many ways.

The smile on our faces,
Told how happy we both were,
Who knew back then, the joy we felt,
In time, would not endure.

I sat for nearly half an hour,
Recalling good times past,
Sunny days, now far away,
With memories fading fast.

I knew I should dispose of all,
The photographs of you,
But this was not an easy task,
Itís something I canít do.

The fact is Love; I took each one,
Then placed them in a book,
So in my lonely hours I,
Can sit and have a look.

A look at yesterday, Sweetheart,
A memory trip for me,
Where I can live again in love,
Where I would like to be,

In years from now, as I grow old,
Iíll sit and have a look,
Of yesterday, good times and you,
Inside my memory book.

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