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The Web Poetry Corner - Roberta Brink - I Saw An Ant Today

I Saw An Ant Today


Roberta Brink

I saw an ant today.
He scurried around and found his prey.
It was three times bigger than he,
But he tugged and pulled 'til half past three.

The prey slipped into a crack in a brick.
Getting it out could be quite a trick.
He struggled, he sighed, he stopped a moment and pondered.
Then back to his battle with gravity he wandered.

His struggle was endless or so it would seem.
What he really needed was a full force team.
He didn't give up 'til, alas, he concluded,
His buddies could help get this critter uprooted.

Off he scurried into the grass on that day,
With a mission in mind, a plan that would pay.
I didn't wait for his safe return with his team.
It's more fun to fill in the blanks as I dream.

Oh, that we could be more like he.
His methods and motives were something to see.
He gave it his all on that momentous day.
But realized his need for a team was okay.

So work through your struggles of life, as you must.
But remember there are many in whom you can trust.
Go to them in your moments of need and distress.
Seek them to get out of that confounded mess!

Don't carry your burdens by yourself for long.
You aren't invincible even though you are strong.
People need people, that's just how it is.
So remember it, cherish it, and all that biz.

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