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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Our Sky Skin

Our Sky Skin


Philip Claude Andermann

Like the surface of a sphere
we appear to be finite in power
but we are unbounded.

Ultimately we are unbounded
through each other,
and the power of our influence
and value
becomes limitless ....

Though we may never perceive beyond
a finite part of the universe,
it too is unbounded
in its interactions beyond what we perceive.

Mathematically there are an infinite number
of kinds of infinities.
This seems meaningless in reality
but becomes meaningful
through living this "unbounded" concept,
as they aseem to cancel out.

Time appears to operate linearly
because of the law of entropy
we perceive due to our limited senses.
It is precisely because of this delusion
that we can function normally in time;
yet time operates beyond the linear:
in cause and effect
there is no end to time or space
reverberating within nonlocally
in network fashion,
interconnectedness seeming to create mutual intercontainment
[of consciousnesses etc],
holographically the whole contained in each of its parts ...
What music of superstrings! Where entropy is but illusion.

To think outside the box,
we are going to change the architecture
of the boxes we create
like houses to protect us.
Instead of blocking walls,
their protection will be that of a seed
growing arms through walls everywhere,
which grows on being exposed
to everything regardless!
For in every such box
we find Infinity

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