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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Love StransForms Storms!

Love StransForms Storms!


Philip Claude Andermann

Keep singing through the shrieking storm
on the octave every heart will hear.
Only the storm will disappear.
No torture can conquer an irresistible smile.
No matter what, keep smiling
and it will be like receiving the most ecstatic kiss,
and the hug of arms so irresistible protecting
no-one can ever harm you.
And then you will learn
how to disarm all torture in this world.
Truly love yourself.
And then your Self
will grow large enough
to embrace the universe.
Transform your prison of destiny
into a palace of the heart.
And then could you rule the people
through your heart.
For having now found what justice is
you have set it free,
within everywhere.
You are the black hole
become a white whole,
You are the star that lives forever
traveling in its light.
Till all see the wonders of those heavens
also blazing within.
That is forever,
transforming all barriers of space-time.
You become the universe transforming itself,
the kaleidoscope of mirroring universes
forever falling,
in love

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