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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Artists: Together In the Skin of the Sky

Artists: Together In the Skin of the Sky


Philip Claude Andermann

Without the arts
there might as well be nothing
in the sky.

The artist seems to draw herself
into existence.

Artists have to continually
be jumping off cliffs
and developing our wings
on the way down.
Art is such courage together.
Art is such a dance together
of music and words,
drawing poetry in eternal e-motion.

Perhaps it is music scaling so high
that proves
the existence of God.

Art is that dance
where the rules themselves
are dancing
still it keeps getting better
because their Rule is Love.

Yes, artists draw each other
into existence,
through a mirror
of wonder,
over the edge,
from composition into compassion.

The artist longs to press
into her arms
the uncreated conscience
of the human race.

If the artist marries his love,
he gets this beauty...
but true beauty only
if we all truly
love one

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