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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - The Roots of Friendship

The Roots of Friendship


Philip Claude Andermann

Yes, we are all strangers here in a strange land
until we find ourselves.

Why do we find ourselves here and now?
Are our roots really buried out there somewhere in the cosmos?
Did we really promise in some infinite past to be born on this 3rd rock?
Are we some holographic shadow cast from some vast light out there?

It doesn't matter.
Yes, holographically, we have roots planted out in the cosmos,
planted everywhere, including on this planet from our parents, etc.
We were born here with a mission now,
to help this planet which really needs us, to share happiness, to bring peace,
to all the others uprooted in heart.
Where is this happiness we're supposed to share supposed to come from?
The cosmos-heaven, the past, the future?

It comes from everywhere,
because we are linked in the web of life to everything,
with an infinite debt of gratitude though we can't see it.
We are free now and are free because of these bonds.

The odds of our conception were infinitesimal, yet here we are.
Even if we don't understand too much,
it is (only) when we live with a sense of gratitude that life makes sense.
With appreciation, be here now.

We can create all the happiness and value we need
out of this single point of here and now
(which is inseparable from anything else).
Be the seed of here and now, and spread our roots from this point,
be the Lotus Blossom transforming this swamp,
be whatever flower or fruit we are
to be the first to bring spring or fruition for others.
To make a friend you have to be a friend.

We remember the important things not with our brain but with our heart.
Just remember we were born here to be friends ultimately with all,
to make this rock rock!

[Love yourself, for all this happiness can be found within.]

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