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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - I would say that (thou) Art

I would say that (thou) Art


Philip Claude Andermann

I would say that Art,
for all its innate beauty,
is indeed like a hardy seed
that truly blossoms when planted
in the heart of the beholder.

The true artist creates out of a childlike purity
of desire
to evoke
new expression in the heart of others
as if to create new children
that further a grand, complex
yet eternal evolution.

But also -
for most great artists, however talented,
their art is created out of
a great internal struggle
involving awesome self-challenge with self-insight.
They are in general so obsessive
to create
that they will bear any hardship,
and learn the most creatively
from any apparent failure.
They create far more
than innate merely inert objects:
ultimately, despite the setbacks,
their medium is peopleís hearts
in the future.
In their struggle,
their art comes to reflect their lives
in teaching Nietzscheís dictum,
"That which does not kill me makes me stronger."
This precept will become even more significant
in the future.
The teaching of their art transcends,
in fact transforms,
even apparent ignominy of their death.
Transforming night,
the bouquet of their fireworks melts,
not merely into darkness
but also regardless mystically into the peoples hearts -
evoking endless
re-celebrations of inner power.
I believe the mystery that,
for all their sophistication,
the hearts of truly great artists
are childlike in their purity
while almost inhuman in intensity:
such that even apparent fragility
is reborn the brighter
in the sensitive children of future generations.

I take this personally!

Children learn to paint
in daubs on canvas.
A trail of daubs leads them to invent
instant computerized reproduction,
virtual reality painting.
..But when I see a child,
I see a blank canvas -
for my own life!

It is the heart that connects the daubs.

Chagall said,
"For me when it comes from the heart, everything works.
When it comes from the head nothing works."
Without the heart,
the most important thing in the universe
stays invisible before us.
Just a word can brush
the heart of a child
and repaint the future.
We paint and write
ultimately through childrenís hands,
whatever our medium now.

I am now more determined than ever
to use the heart
of BOTH my life and my resulting art -
no matter the present response -
to connect with the heart of the future:
because it will face truly unprecedented challenges!

Invoking such a spirit,
I would thus conclude:
Art is the highest level
of philosophy
to be achieved.

My cherished friends,
born from the heart
of the Creative Universe,
"That [God] Thou Art,"
you shall be re-born inspiring in the hearts
of future children.

For thou ART Artís heart.

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