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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Transformation in a Nu Clear Age

Transformation in a Nu Clear Age


Philip Claude Andermann

Jefferson and the deepest leaders of the American Revolution
sought something deeper than mere materialistic consumerism...
Others are just copying America's errors now.
If America, laggard apparent, doesn't change,
I still fear for the rest of the world.
Without arrogance I say,
our dream, our mission, is to liberate everyone on this globe
to speak, think and act as they wish
from the deepest light of their heart.
Without arrogance I believe
that we must feel responsible that this will not happen
if we do not reach out in support, to each other and to everyone,
in dialogue and action seeking to think on a NEW LEVEL
(the only way to solve problems we have created).
I pray that this impending environmental crisis
may become a blessing,
unleashing a humanitarian competition
of win-win and appreciation for each other
when we truly appreciate all life.
Without arrogance,
I feel a sense of responsibility that America,
who led in bringing such a mixture of good and bad,
should be reborn (beyond Christian!)
as a leader of unity in diversity,
that countless MLKs of all colors, genders - and beliefs -
may step forth to inspire though word and deed that:
"I Have A Dream" for America and the world,
that all the children of the world may play in peace side by side in rainbow,
leading with character
that human history never remotely dreamed possible...
Meanwhile, organizations such as the SGI
must be such "Nations without Borders."...
May not America's dream of uniform mediocracy spread,
but rather her dream "e pluribus unum",
or "many in body and one in CLEAR mind" (o bai to ri),
the clearest beautiful RAINBOW.
Education, education, education!!!

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