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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - To Desire Another Person#s Desire%22 For True happiness Is the Only Way To Become Happ

To Desire Another Person#s Desire%22 For True happiness Is the Only Way To Become Happ


Philip Claude Andermann

Such a artist must not like Icarus seek to fly through that evoking mist too high
toward some abstract sun of Truth, or the wax wings will melt..
Icarus flew with the master craftsman Daedalus,
who warned him not to fly too high;

Daedalus was also the name of the character who spoke those words of Joyce.
The artist is the master craftsman forging truth in the smithy of his soul.

Spontaneous Hypothesis: Trying to describe the world in words is like trying to project the world onto two dimensions.

We know how this is done in holography using multiple lasers.
Words can be used like lasers.
Each word contains countless worlds of associations.
In writing words, one first destroys, dissolving the world into countless droplets each refracting the world differently.
Out of this mist one of inter-impregnable droplets
must one must conceive, evoke, a whole new fractal algorithm of understanding, give birth to a whole new world in that embrace.
Out of that loss of dimensions one creates totally new dimensions.
Out of words with no images or sound or anything entirely different dimensions are created [evoked].

The extra dimensions must be such that one can truly escape the dimensions of the confining box of conventional understanding
without contradicting reality.
We have to think outside of the box.
Because we want to solve the problems of the world,
and you cannot solve your problems by using the same level of understanding with which you created them.
By evoking a new world within the reader -
in the cosmos of the heart -
we seek to create a completely renewed world in reality.

Upon a unique new scaffold
we elevate the readerís desire
toward creating absolute indestructible happiness.

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