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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Statistical Implications of Making People Count

Statistical Implications of Making People Count


Philip Claude Andermann

I believe that many statistics show that,
barring an slew of utterly miraculous scientific discoveries
or a very imminent change in the course of human society - policy and human behavior -,
among other dangers
the human species is hurtling toward drastic irreversible climate change and eco-catastrophe
making it impossible to sustain the lives of MOST of humans,
leading to such colossal stress
that a collapse of civilization seems inevitable.
Our economy seems to be effectively functioning like a Ponzi scheme.

The problem is that most people, many alienated,
are not aware of how cause and effects works,
especially now in our supremely complex society.
Everything is interlinked,
and there are ripple effects everywhere from the tiniest things we do.
Often the effects are quite harmful.
If we were truly aware of the consequences of our actions,
we would behave differently,
but we often tend to be fooled by false propaganda,
and by ignorance of how the complex system truly works,
and that in the end everything has to be evaluated
by its ultimate effects on human and other life.

We must become far more educated,
in an inter-disciplinary and cultural sense, among others.
It is especially important to understand the inner dynamics
of human and other life.

It is also possible to become incredibly REVITALIZED
as well as informed
by more intimate direct dialogic interaction with humans and other life;
and more directly improve the outcome by dealing directly with the prime actors.
The arts, religion, etc may play an especially key role in this.

The teaching and example of the Mentor/Teacher
will play a key role in staying on track and handling obstacles,
as well as providing the critical encouragement and strength
to preserve courageously in the right direction no matter what.
Always remember that if we can maintain the same high poetic and expert heart of the Mentor/teacher
we can maintain at least the same wisdom, courage and compassion,
the same strength, as he.

My friend, you can accomplish AT LEAST as much as President Ikeda.
[Humbly recall that others you encourage can, too,]

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