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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Star Mountains

Star Mountains


Philip Claude Andermann

We are born (then reborn) of star dust
just as stars themselves are reborn
from the coalescence of star dust.
Stars radiate an indescribable inspirational beauty in their violence
that has always driven humanity to seek further,
and our lives would be impossible without the violence of the sun.
I hope we can become radiating stars of nonviolence
to come to help add additional dimension to this cosmos.

The Buddhist philosopher Nichiren wrote that we are like particles of dust
that can combine to create a great Mt. Sumeru
of individual enlightenment fused with a collective enlightenment and peace.
At the same time, educator Makiguchi wrote that a mountain
is not created by just the accumulation of dust particles.
It is created by huge, seemingly violent upheavals
from the depths of the Earth wrinkling and transforming the Earth’s crust.

Just as stars are not created by the mere accumulation of dust particles,
but by a whole nuclear transformational process that then entails,
so too to create mountains we have to create transformational processes
that involve an intense inner struggle that an outsider might almost describe as "violent."

From the bottom, the peak of a tall mountain might look so beautiful and peaceful,
but if you are on the peak you may see it appears to be very violent.
It is Nichiren Buddhism which keeps teaching us the principles
of "burning the firewood of desires" to attain enlightenment,
that absolute, indestructible happiness truly comes
only through surmounting tremendous obstacles,
that the airplane takes flight
only because of the tremendous wind resistance it surmounts.
We live in a fairly violent environment,
which can only be transformed into meaningfulness
through our inner self-reflection and revolution.

We are star dust,
but we can learn from the seeming violent transformation of stars that created us,
from the beauty of their constellations,
that transcending our differences we can unite in our inner struggles
to create an utterly different beauty,
an evolving empathy that becomes permanent
because of the pathos of universal impermanence.

"Freude durch Drang." [Beethoven] "Joy through Struggle."
Transformers of both the utterly mundane and of hurricanes,
let us evolve to become exquisite constellations of such diverse [diversity-breeding] "stars"
that ultimately come to stimulate the imagination - of the very universe.

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