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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - The Teacher As Mentor

The Teacher As Mentor


Philip Claude Andermann

Education is about maximally empowering the future generations
with their own internal wisdom,
wisdom to TRANSMUTE the experience of the past
to positively transform the unique future they face.
We seek to maximally empower people to fulfill their potential.

We cannot really dictate to them which way to go.
We seek to offer inspirational role models,
we dialogue as experienced but open learning equals.
We are the leaders of cheer.

There is a way to get incredible results
from this seemingly loose open-ended Socratic dialogue.
We offer every self-empowering tool and more.
Seeking a mentor so we can learn and inspire by example,
we seek to teach others how to best teach themselves.
Through a dialogic interactive form by role models,
how to think how to best think for themselves.
And how they too can become such empowering mentors for others,
inspiring them with an altruistic vision for them to flesh out.

Dialogue of introspection,
interacting with dialogue with those we interact with,
interacting with dialogue with agencies
right up to the global community.
"All for one and one for all" is not just a euphoric delusion after all.

Toward this achievement we may use all the tools of artificial intelligence
to increase understanding of natural intelligence -
and use many other tools - but they never use us -
never make us deludedly abuse ourselves or others.

Dewey and Makiguchi got it pretty right:
develop a truly democratic educational system
whereby we learn how to fashion a truly organic evolving democratic system -
one wherein the prime point of the individual is never forgotten,
and wherein the individual truly evolves to understand the interdependence of everything.

We retain a re-form of capitalism,
but we also develop a new spiritual form of capitalism
wherein the unit of currency circulated
is that of the understanding of interdependence,
that of appreciation and compassion for all around us -
a nonlinear quantization,
the new mathematics of compassion,
of genuine Cause and Effect.

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