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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Seeking A Mentor For Peace: Sea Change by 2030

Seeking A Mentor For Peace: Sea Change by 2030


Philip Claude Andermann

Rock the Era, rocket the era, of real rebirth,
we ainít shooting for no man on the moon,
we're aiming straight to save man on this Earth.
Yo man, 2030's coming up soon: nuclear disarmament, safe climate and land,
through your human revolution's nuclear chain reaction
spreading peace, resolutions, solutions at hand.

Yo brother, we're all colors, why you're my color in heart;
Sister, how I've missed yer, cause now you've the greatest part.
Mother, father, how I owe you; my children, how I owe you more, the Earth.
Rape, rocks slammed through the hood, I'll rock the hood in brotherhood's rebirth.
Wake up, you can live out your dreams; reach out, touch far further than it seems:
touch the skies of another, turn their night's stars into suns.
Raise the fallen, and together we'll all run.

Education, culture and peace: their earth is our meetings of hearts,
our visitings of prayer, vow together we'll do our part.
There's a golden diary of our lives in the leaves of the Gosho,
revealed through our mirror of our Vow to the future.
Through the example and teachings of our Mentor, our equal,
more than sequel as one we'll respond, vow more than legal or regal.
We're more different than night or day, but they're both part of a day,
and we're the rocket to an era where each piece of peace has its say.

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