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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - FREEDOM THROUGH THANKS-GIVING



Philip Claude Andermann

We are NOT islands.
We are a continent.
That which decreases the continent decreases us.
Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for you.

We are ONE.
My life does not end at my skin or death.
My being swallows the most distant stars, the darkest corners,
the happiest smile, the unseen tear.
Your feelings pervade my whole being.
I cannot draw a boundary between my heart and another.
I cannot draw a line like a politician.
My heart can only beat by circulating love and fighting injustice with it.
I only create my own true identity by treating each person as I would have them treat me,
as though we were all the same person!!!

We certainly live in a world
where NOWHERE is very far away any more .
Where what happens in a lonely valley in Afghanistan
or in a dusty village street in Palestine
or in a wayside café in Indonesia ,
can have an intimate and devastating effect
on lives right across the world.

Socrates famously said
that we distinctively seek what is good for us.
Most ordinary people want world peace.
Most ordinary people believe that to be an unattainable ideal,
and in any case there doesn’t seem to be a path along which it can be achieved.
Yet however difficult it may be to achieve,
it remains a desirable and achievable goal.
However difficult the path, it starts right here,
with each of us.
We can begin moving along it whenever we choose.
It involves coming to understand with our whole life,
that we are not powerless,
that through our individual actions
we CAN have a powerful effect upon our environment.

I go so far as to believe powers within permeating the world must be described as "mystic."

The flutterings of the wings of a butterfly
can transform the major storm systems in New York
a month later,
but it is not the hapless trembling of the Earth
by the random steps of a misbegotten giant.
The point is, it has the most priceless meaning!
The entanglement of a quantum particle on the other side of the universe
may determine if Shroedinger's cat with its personal priceless universe lives:
and it is not just the roll of a dice.
OUR LIVES TOO ARE ENTANGLED like those quantum particles,
in a wonderful dance celebrating freedom -
that we create!
All interconnected, freedom in society must be fought for out of our freedom of will.

I believe there is a force of the law of the universe
within the human heart.
This universal law functions far more subtly than any known laws of physics.
The law of the universe is far more than physics.

If the world were just physics,
the probability of our conception would be infinitesimal.
Certainly, we thus seem to owe our very existence to everything else,
and we must REPAY our debt of gratitude to everything
to be able to act in total freedom.
WE FIND OUR FREEDOM through our bondage
to the ever-changing web of life.

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