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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - 40 Years Reunion

40 Years Reunion


Philip Claude Andermann

I am reading a book, "The World in 2050."
What will the world be like in 40 years?
It will be transformed beyond imagination.
We will face challenges far greater
Than what Japan faces now.
[The SGI’s response right now
Can reveal its true spirit,
Can truly set the stage for our future responses.]
By 2050 will it be transformed for the better or worse?
Humanity’s fate will have been decided by then.
Perhaps its fate will have been decided by 2030.
It will be the youth we are raising
Who will decide that:
The "Indigo" generation and beyond,
Deeper blue than the indigo plant.
They will be inspired by our example,
Especially our true integrity,
As well as by the history of the hard-won integrity of the SGI
Ever strengthened by obstacles.

I know we are all struggling,
But we can only truly change our karma
If we are standing on the edge of a cliff,
Still seeking a way to advance.
We need wisdom, courage and compassion.
They feed each other,
But in this practice we can start with courage.
At first in Kansai, Daisaku Ikeda felt on the edge of that cliff.
He found the courage from the Gosho, the Gohonzon, and his Mentor ’s heart.
In Kansai, in six months Daisaku Ikeda gave one-to-one encouragement to 8,000 people,
Wore out 3 bicycles visiting members,
And somehow managed to show up at 26 meeting in one day.
He put his all into each treasured moment.
A 28 year old in pain with TB not expected to live another two years.
We can all subtract 30 years from our ages.
We support each other because we are inseparable,
But ultimately it is so as to touch the youth
And thus make all our lives meaningful.

Let us keep reaching out
To inspire the youth,
On that campus or in this family the Internet_
Myself at Rutgers 40 years ago
Having read how Daisaku Ikeda was shakubukued by his past classmates,
I simply thought,
"I cannot judge, I cannot tell
If this guy or that girl might become the next President Ikeda.
Any move I make could change history."
No matter the wind that would blast us back,
We can reach forward
To free another youth from
His or her obvious or hidden suffering.
By our seeking example
And united efforts
We can teach them how to teach themselves
About the ultimate truth sustaining life.

Only universal love and unity
Can save and sustain this world.
President Toda said, "The organization is more important to me than my life."
President Ikeda said, "The human being is the only point behind organizational issues."
If we put the two together,
With the spirit of our Mentors,
We can accomplish anything in this world,
We can transform the meaning of our lives.
If we are on the edge of a cliff,
[like Virmalakirti] it is because so is humanity.
We thus discover we have wings and can fly,
And then can inspire youth most especially how to fly.
If they do not listen, we can lend them our ears
As friends, and finally many will understand.
The Buddhist mentor President Ikeda has written 100,000 pages,
Received 300 Honorary Doctorates,
Founded incredible institutions to expand the future as we can too,
And in their own way each person through theor uniqueness of fruit
Can accomplish the same for humanity and for their own self-fulfillment,
In universal love and unity transcending differences.

"My treasured friends,
There is no question that
Your multiracial nation, America ,
Represents humanity’s future."

"Today, the former members of these [youth] divisions are active in Japan and around the world. They are diplomats, government officials and leading figures in industry. They are scholars, doctors and lawyers, and they are leaders of the esteemed Soka Gakkai. Friends committed to kosen-rufu work in every field.
"I also believe that in the same way, or to an even greater extent, humanistic leaders will emerge like a glimmering galaxy of stars from the future and youth division of the SGI-USA in the twenty-first century. I FIRMLY BELIEVE THIS." [p 244, "My Dear Friends in America ."]

Let US firmly believe this
And toward the next 40 years
With our last ounce of COURAGE
Actually give WINGS to the future.

The future is actually infinite.

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