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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - United, You Make The Difference

United, You Make The Difference


Philip Claude Andermann

Your different song of life too deply touches me
to another cosmos
from which I see and free myself
in dance.

We are constellations: of the same stardust, in fact reflected of the same star.
We are united and joined in love in our different skies
of commitment, to compassion,
spanning cyberspace and all space.
We seek peace and harmony throughout.
Your skin contains the tallest sky.
Our skins touch each other:
We touch each othersí skies encouraging.
Of course they thus rouse storms,
but in our hearts thatís how the stars dance,
how jostling we find how to fill each othersí gaps,
how our great differences unite us,
transience of feelings and situation and life unite us
toward eternally growing compassion.
Different songs across impossible space
arouse different storms of love
whose pure beauty seen from inner space unite
all the space and spume of compassion.

Injustices, misunderstanding, walls would attack.
Yet the attacking darkness is but a shadow proving
only the Light of the future is real.
We need but feel its heat to reach It.
The Voice of determination penetrates all darkness,
the bowels of the Earth, and the seeming wastes of space,
to summon and reach the Sun within,
to leap and join Rousing fueling
the dance of new re-construction of EVERYTHING.

Skin both divides and joins us in love.
Even death joins us through resulting eternally growing compassion.
We shall join the Victory over Violence.
Our passion, our song, our conduct, conducts
like a heart pumping the currencies of the universe
to sweep away the clouds of economics, all the clouds of all civilization,
all the unknowingly destructive attachments.
A wind of hope sweeps through one heart to the next,
and it is your song, your constellation of songs,
your difference, that makes the difference.

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