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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - To Share The Joy Of True Sharing

To Share The Joy Of True Sharing


Philip Claude Andermann

If you can get benefit from an enlightened practice,
then you can encourage your friend to do just the same.
When as a result your friend does it because of you,
by cause and effect you get her benefit, too.
Your benefit has doubled.
Thus you then can encourage your friend to double her benefit.
Then by cause and effect your benefits get redoubled....
So between just two people,
determined to glow and show benefit
and encourage each other heart to heart,
the benefits and joy (of true sharing) can double and reredouble and ... forever.
What if that were to happen between three people?
This would thus naturally spread outward....
What if this were to happen throughout the world?
Key is to keep this pure and heart-to-heart.

It all starts with ONE person.
[Remembering that everyone has the same potential as an inner God.]

Why not with YOU?

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