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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - To A Lesbian

To A Lesbian


Philip Claude Andermann

I hope you will find the perfect girl
For you
Out of all the towns in all the galaxies
By looking in the mirror
Of your heart
And seeing that which no-one, nothing, else could see:
In the darkest corner that impossible, that most unreachable star
That you will reach and reveal
- Return to new reality -
The girl no-one else really saw:
With whom you can roam the wonderlands
Of your imaginations and realities,
Cross the sacred fires of infinite desires
That un-scathe the wounded skin on which to dance;

And that you will share with us
The darkness you found in that sun
Which understands all suffering and hope:
In the books of your lives
In which at last woman can blossom.

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