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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - The War Within

The War Within


Philip Claude Andermann

All the walls are falling in on me.
The walls that defined me.
Confined me.
Now killing me in war.
In death I am free now
utterly alone.
Only a fly is trapped
inside my head never silent,
a fly I cannot kill.
Therefore I cannot be dead.
It sounds like a lone baby crying in the wreckage
incoherent of my mind.
He who could cause such a war
killing others like flies must causally be a fly!
Eternally? Myself?
**Why have I created these trapping walls
of hell? I buzz
echoing through the rubble
seeking human flesh - beyond this hell.

If only I had arms - not weapons -
so as to hug another,
to rebuild alone what I destroyed.
If only I had the voice, knew the words
just to say, "I love you!"
I find a shard of mirror.

My brother in Burma had the other shard.
Within it I find at last memories of tears
of love.
To start, to change, that is enough.
Now no-one has to teach me love, to share.
I transcend my trapping head,
grow legs to seek, arms
to break only walls that separate us,
arms to hug, build bridges between all,
a voice to teach a different way to go,
a fly riding on the tail of a thoroughbread horse
traveling thousands of miles,
as warrior for peace
till, as one now, fly and horse fly irrepressibly
opening the sky's eyelid of true peace.
Together, we awaken to reality,
the vast reality to be shared palpably transformed,
that is within.

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