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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - The Voice of Toda

The Voice of Toda


Philip Claude Andermann

[05/03/51 and 05/03/01]
[To the Successors]

[Josei Toda was founder of the Soka Gakkai half a cenury ago, now a lay Buddhist organization of 12 million members in 192 countries and territories very actively pursuing rapid advancement of education, culture and peace based on the foundations of humanism.]
Why do I propagate Buddhism?
Only to save Japan from spiritual poverty
To save the poor and the sick
Nay, of all the World.

The Age of Materialism will crest
(In half a century)
By the end of the century,
Its excesses yielding to merciful floods of dialogue.

Let us determine that
Shaken by the earthquake
Of the newly emerging continent
Of actual true oneness,
All humankind will seek
A new philosophy
Of true mercy relieving suffering and offering comfort,
Of greatest reason
Encompassing and surpassing science
- unleashed, its nature revealed and then transmuted -
Making it merciful
Like the deepest currents of the natural universe.

The time has come, of the true Latter Day of the Buddhist Law.
Like a growing river surpassing
The Buddhist tradition of the past
To enrich the continent -
To reach the infinite ocean of ever vaster humanity,
Youthful emissaries must become TRUE patriots
Round the world -
True masters of prayer, courage, compassion, wisdom,
Of true dialogue to open the treasure
In each other which surpasses the universe's.
This is true education:
To nourish wilderness
Boldly venturing into it.

To fulfill this will of our sensei, President Makiguchi,
Of our Master, Nichiren Daishonin,
Is to make our drop of life
Equal to the ocean.

I am now truly "JoSEI Toda":
As my new name indicates,
I am now "INSIDE the Castle"
Of capable people,
A galaxy of eternal lights glittering
Over, no amid the ocean,
And I still fight for justice
Within you!

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