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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Ode To Frontline Leaders 4

Ode To Frontline Leaders 4


Philip Claude Andermann


Where would humanity be
if it could never see the stars?
It is your role to reveal the sun within your members!
Your effort, your unflagging waterfall will flow
throughout the vast ocean of humanity
sparkling like constellations
reflected from the castle of capable people
No-one has yet heard
the most beautiful music within you.
Perhaps you have not heard it yet,
or even the symphony of voices
Your voice of hope can penetrate the deepest darkness
of the heart, your torch lit up by night to the suffering.
Your calls, your visits: voice does the Buddha's work;
and the inspirational radiance of your smile
even amidst a persistent blizzard of problems
tugs tear-stained faces into smiles.
Read the Gosho letters
to read their hearts, to transform them.
For their last priceless ounce of courage brought out,
a ton of crushing lead burned gold by hope,
will light the brightest star,
revealing to all their universe.
Put a stethoscope to another's heart
and you have the microphone
to reach the world,
and the telescope to set the furthest stars to wonder.
Just listen.
Thusly listen truly to your mentor's heart
and be his voice.
Discussion meetings you lead and arrange
in your town are the village of humanity,
the ocean of humanity linking all;
their words diamond-sharing reveal the depths, of heart.
There, we learn that
the only wall that can stop you
is the wall you put
between yourself and another person.
At that meeting, if you are to inspire that person to polish his or her life,
affecting everything in that waiting life,
you redetermine to change yourself first,
to see a glowing treasure of happiness reflected
in the other's shining eyes.
There, each discovers that what they find
at the bottom of their hearts to give another
is the only treasure they can keep forever,
and much more - keep giving.
There, each can make the other invincible
to conquer each other with the fragrance of hope.
There, even those in night
can touch others' skies and turn their stars
into suns.
Through the meetings, each gem of victory,
suspended in their lives
like the searing sun of suffering transmuted
into cool radiant joy reflected in an oasis
reached amidst the desert of struggle,
can be multiplied by re-entering the desert of society,
and sharing the oasis in one's heart
with those lost in the desert,
finally transforming the desert.
PRAY and act to draw water from all that desert.
Through EVERY TINY deed of yours unseen
your sense of justice shines even
when others are blind, to see and cheer it.
Thus it shines uniquely for those in the night
of blind suffering.
For the youth you can lead to victory dance,
nothing can stop them now from their dance onward.
The tears in the hurtling wind carry them forward
in joytears as they race toward unity of peace.
They become the Rock that nothing can destroy
because it dances.
Those youth shall be the Era
that shall revive life 4 billion years old.
Their arms shall be never for war, only for hugging the Buddha
within all, for exercising a practice that never ends
its joy.
For the passion and power of youth
is a portion of the soul itself,
and is of the same nature as it.
Like it, it is the divine spark;
like it, it is a point of fire within us,
which is immortal and infinite;
which nothing can limit, and nothing can extinguish;
we feel it burning even in the marrow of our bones,
and we see its flashing in the depths of the heavens.
The song born in their heart
will become a world symphony of voices
if theyspeak the language of the echoing mountains
of hope in one other's heart
if their melody torrents to earth on song and light
that deep seed-sky linking
all fields, of endeavor with triumph -
feeding a world united in one heart - even just one person's heart.
For then
will their body be that wind instrument perfect playing, for that wind irresistibly rushing
from the future
and then their dance become
a vast range, a mountain wave of life approaching,
a wind from within the bodies of countless youths
billowing their limbs with growth,
a tumult of harmonies resonating even through corridors of
flooding in as to cleanse this planet.
For youth to sing their Ode to Freedom, to burst their Berlin Wall,
to grow Democracy like forests of greatness,
to kaleidoscope to neighbor all those distant hopes:
by YOUR conduct in turn TRULY touch even ONE other person,
and GROW:
for his or her skin contains the tallest sky.
This is the meaning of the song of your opportunity.
You are presented - not a magic song, but a conductor's wand -
You are the SOKA SPIRIT!
Champions of the common people.
Using bricks of JUSTICE may you
BRICK BY BRICK build a fortress of peace
in everyone's heart,
Bricks found from the castle of indestructible UNITY.

For all are equally the Jewel Tower.
How can a human pyramid of men and women all climb each other?
How can we find a law of the rising sun
which reveals and scales every mountain
of hope in every country
to raise a vast Jewel Tower of sparkling eyes?
There is a pyramid, a mountain welling closer;
there is a journey up it yet to be recorded on this
It is lit with jewels of sweat,
a living mural which must first be evoked
in the cosmos of the heart.

Bear aloft the torch of the Marathon Runner:
it is your turn to run, to share it, share that eternal youthful flame with countless racing hearts,
daring to share the joy of true sharing:
of daring victory of the true humanism
of all-encompassing Nichiren Buddhism, the universal

TRULY you are the frontline leaders
forging a future of the highest value,
whereby all can march to the front!!

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