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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Mommy, I Am LEADING UP To Something!!!

Mommy, I Am LEADING UP To Something!!!


Philip Claude Andermann

"Mommy, I Am LEADING UP To Something!!!"
[written in 30 minutes from library computer]
[Remembering the "infinity" of questions I asked as a child in Australia]

What is the biggest number?
You can always make a number bigger than that.
So we invent something called infinity which cannot be a number
yet we say is "bigger" than any number. Hugh??
Then the number of way to express a number by "infinity" digits past a decimal point
is an "infinity2" we prove is "bigger" than "infinity." Hugh2?
The number of curves we can draw on a graph is an "infinity3"
we prove is "bigger" than "infinity2." Hugh3?
How many levels of infinity are there?
Is the universe some level of infinity in time and space?
[Mommy, do you know that through the "butterfly effect"
we tremble the Earth with our steps like helpless giants,
thus in how many "infinite" ways we may tremble the cosmos?]


Now there is one number "two",
but how many "twos" or "pairs" are there in the universe?
Most crucially, how many "ones" are there in the universe?
Is that some level of infinity,
or is the whole universe One?
To EXPLAIN, Mommy:
If you could somehow travel on a beam of light,
time would stop for you and you would seemingly have traveled infinitely fast,
or else seemingly you did not travel at all and the two endpoints were the same,
and their distance was zero.
Likewise in quantum entanglement,
speed of subatomic interaction might be infinitely fast,
or else the distance in space-time might be zero (holographic invocations).
Mommy, how many countless universes are in the Multiverse created by the Big Bang?
How many Big Bangs creating Multiverses are created by quantic quirks in primeval foam or black holes or...
How many universes are created by Hugh Everett's universe-splittings with every possible subatomic quantic choice?How much bigger than the observable universe of 13.7 billion light-years is the universe
if the reality of the universe is still hyper-inflating exponentially faster than the speed of light?
WELL over 10 exp10 exp1000!
What MEANING do these questions about universes have
if the universes cannot communicate between each other??


Do they in fact communicate with each other in some way -
- transcending conventional space-time, perhaps equivalent of quantic entanglement -
or are they connected all to each other
through some vast all-generating [pseudo-fractal] algorithm (or cycle thereof),
or cellular automata of a vast quantic computer?
Or is it some combination of the above?
Do we bootstrap back in time to self-create in algorithm,
to communicate subatomically
through psuedo-fractal algorithms?


Because I don't know why I was born the way I am to this destiny,
or what happens to me after I die.
All I know is that we all - all that I can see -
seem incredibly interconnected to each other.
And it seems we cannot end at our skin or death.
We swallow the universe with our senses. We all feed each other.
This should extend to nonnhumans and somehow beyond.

For my - our - life to make sense,
there should be some Law of Cause and Effect
penetrating this interconnection
where by each at some syuper-cosmic level
can freely navigate there life
approximately perceiving and following this Law
to create cosmic eternal vvalue.
It must start with both self-development
and supporting each other and nature,
since that is the only way we - as part of humanity -
can surevice, then perhaps seed the universe with life, move on...

What can we give each other?
We offer each other a mirror, to see how to reach out.
It starts with One on One.
If done correctly, this comes to spread exponentially.
It starts with One.
Mommy, you are One
in whom I can see the light and the dark,, I see Infinity.
I still cannot "figure out" infinity because it is beyond numbers.
Infinities may have countless names.
I start with the words/name "Thank you, mommy."
We are all inter-reflecting mirrors revealing an everdeeper Truth.
It starts with One. It starts with me. NOW.
For now, everlearning, I say "Thank You" to every One,
beaming back to that mirror.
It starts with the heart!!!

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