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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Eternal Hope! Only With You!

Eternal Hope! Only With You!


Philip Claude Andermann

I do feel your pain, and yours.
It could crush me.
Yet it also makes my personal pains seem like nothing.
Beneath each pain I feel eternal hope.

In pain & hope, birth & death, we seem to find the great equalizers
that bond us as closer than family.
Of course each one is different, unique, that unique shape we exactly need:
in the light of Buddhahood we find the way to use each unique shape
to fill each others' gaps
to build something eternal:
a treasure tower that dances
spanning cosmoses, that makes cosmoses dance.

We all experience the same ten worlds:
each in unique fashion.
In each of the 9 worlds exists a light, the world of Buddhahood.
When we find the light in the world we are in, we can share it
with those others in the 9 worlds. In so doing, we light our path, mission ahead.
Thus spreading, each uniquely lights up a path ahead
catalyzing in individual, society, nature all critical reagents interacting.
Good & evil, life & death, matter & spirit, power & influence, each interact inextricably
like an eternal upward double helix of life DNA
seemingly separating only so as to reform.

The dancing matrix of light only seen through dark.

The Buddha is never at ease until there is universal Peace and Fulfillment.
That journey is infinite because so is the Universe.
Only within such unease and transience
is something eternal to be found far beyond perfection,
that reforms always.

That infinity exists in every fraction of atom, it dances through every level.
It does not exist without YOU:
this crucial moment.
Your reaching out!

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