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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Transforming Obstacles

Transforming Obstacles


Philip Claude Andermann

A boulder in the way of the weak
becomes a stepping stone in the path of the strong.
Let us climb mountains and become stronger so we can enjoy the view on the way,
and from the top the vast vista of the mountains ahead..
Let us build mountains with paths of victories that others we teach can climb like stepping on our shoulders moving forward through all the mountains emerging from the depths of our heart.
Let us climb atop each other's mountains creating a human pyramid
suspended by the law of the sun rising alone
revealing the glorious future ahead, and that the lead weight we were carrying (strengthening us) was really gold.

We have been following a mentor
who would greet a stranger like a long-lost child,
like a lion turning toward the moon suddenly revealed by clouds
revealing the mountain he has been composedly climbing
until the storm is totally penetrated and passed.
We his children are lion cubs growing to teach other lion cubs
with growing passion and power of youth.
It is the roar of lions, of mentor and disciple praying as one,
challenging all injustice and suffering,
reaching at last the ocean of humanity, at first roaring like the waves crashing on the shore,
then roaring to crush the angry waves of the ocean of humanity
till the ocean becomes a vast road to all hearts.
Every wall that we encountering stopping us we transform into an ocean to swim across.
Every star that we encounter in another's night shall guide us and we shall reach, and transform into suns.
For the sun blazes rising in our heart, far more significantly and uniquely for the cosmos than the physical violence of suns.
My friend, regardless if whether you be the storm in the smile or the smile in the storm, you now have a unique mission working with others to save humanity.
My friend, soak that sun in, with your eyes, your deeds - the sun of PASSION AND HOPE!!!
Finally soar upon that wind on the infinite wings of prayer and action!

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