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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - The Reachable Rainbow

The Reachable Rainbow


Philip Claude Andermann

Unfortunately, the abused become too often the abusers.
But I shall transform both.

The essence of life transcends colors.
Yet the future ahead will be manifested
through countless different colors.

I will seek to find my identity as a Bodhisattva of Buddhism
to transcend color,
to stand up for the abused of all colors;
and that the abused not become the abusers,
that "enablers" instead become "empowerers."

There would seem to be a common DNA
permeating all life
[even all phenomena]
in common,
an upward double helix-spiral
of "good" inextricably entwined with "evil,"
life entwined with death.
[Good not always winning,
but always transforming
by never being defeated.]
Certainly there is not just "black" and "white."

For this DNA-phenomena-alphabet
spells out all different colors.

Through my practice of Buddhism,
I will seek to truly pursue the rainbow in my heart.
The rainbow of hope need not be a mirage,
but will become a reality all around for others.
Transcending colors makes them all beautiful.

Making the Vow to one's conscience transforms all.

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