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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Mentor-Disciple



Philip Claude Andermann

Crossing the ocean of life, of my mission,
reaching across the ocean of humanity,
colossal mountains arise,
I mount them and ride to my destination,
forever forward,
hearing my mentor,
rousing a vast onward current from the depths of all life.

Peace is .. my asking, "How are you?",
caring about your dream in life.
And you my friend, and then you_
Together, we can make our dreams a reality.
The breath of hope that
moves you fills my sails,
on the same boat.
Together, we can cross oceans in an instant
with our imagination.
Peace is_the storm of prayer with sun within,
determination TRANSFORMING imagination, word and deeds.
My dream is to
TRANSFORM the ocean called "Humanity,"
into a great heart beating.
My mentorís heart beats within, toward all.
I must cross storm-mountains of real victories in life,
just to reach you.
If I reach your heart, the sun within you
Can erupt the crust of your Earth to raise mountains of your victories.
Keep raising mountains of challenges to climb and conquer,
And ever-stronger higher youíll see vaster vistas
to see the way ahead to summon other hearts...

This beating heart circulates, like a living road.
For even should storm-mountains seem to turn like waves to abysses,
a current as from the depths of the Earth carries us forward,
ever-stronger, touches in an instant every corner of the globe.
We are a human pyramid of men and women who can all support and climb each other, ever-stronger through exertion,
create and climb each otherís mountains no matter what abysses come to separate, because of a Law of the risng sun
within, raising and revealing to us all targets and mountains and then scaling them against every odd,
Nothing can keep us from our endless Single target of _Engaged Peace. The vision and inner torch of our mentor is ours.
To share through unity.
No distance separates between us, or between us and our Target.
We blossom uniquely from this same Earth, that we shall enrich profusely in gratitude.

Peace starts with_ our target-prayers, our words, our deeds as one.
From mutual education, culture, peace becomes mutual-inducing.
Praying, listening and encouraging together,
we shall transform all bullets, starting with the words of target prayer_
For words can be bullets
of mercy
penetrating others' hearts.
Words get under the skin.
Words aren't just "black" or "white" or "colored,"
like ink or skin.
There are priceless human bodies and lives
under their letters' "skin-niness".
And the echoes of conversations
can be the sparkles of diamonds' skin.
Their glow lights up the cracks of difference that divide us.
In those great cracks,
by talking we can find and mine the greatest jewels.
Those are seeds of realization
from the deep heart of humanity's planet.
Words are free.
Words that are treasured and lovingly shared release freedom's power.
They put terrorism to sleep,
put peace to work.
One on one, then at meetings, sharing and making our mentors words and heart as our own,
sharing the joy of true sharing, these ripples turn into an eternal wave, deepest current.

From the depths of the Earth our mentor was the seed to start, penetrating into the ocean of humanity.
Transcending all oceans, we and those we foster forever emerging shall transform the Earth.
The seed is eternal.
We have only just begun.

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