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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Look me in the Eyes; Lend Me Your Ears

Look me in the Eyes; Lend Me Your Ears


Philip Claude Andermann

Freedom is
to look you in the eye;
to realize
that I cannot escape,
I can only transform, my own confining hell -
by working with you to transform your world;
that I can only see my way
to transform my prison into a palace of the heart
if I can see through your eyes;
that I can only see the Buddha of inner freedom
by looking in the mirror
at the bottom of every heart.
I must put pieces of the mirror together
by linking hearts.
But how can I do that?

Looking in the mirror of my heart
is sufficient,
and the mirror of one's true Mentor's heart
can be sufficient to do that:
to feel the Mentor's heart through his life is sufficient.

I burst my bonds that I forged
while blind,
but I do not escape:
instead I but borrow your eyes,
and all eyes too;
so I may build a world
of bonds of friendship -
where eyes will infinitely reflect
each other's happiness
and new freedom to rebuild.

For that treasure we find
at the bottom of our heart
to give another
is the only treasure we can keep forever,
and much more keep giving.
I seek to see through your eyes
to within you
and to the world you see outside.

It is also sufficient for you to lend me your ears:
more than Van Gogh sent his ear seeking to be heard
and then gave us his eyes
which saw too much beauty;
more than deaf Beethoven loaned us his inner ears
and showed us our hearts.
It is sufficient
for us
to dance together
with joy from the rich earth within us:
to that dance's inner music
and universal words;
emerging to face the eye
of the sky,
the eye of the storm
and of the sun and suns beyond.

Thank you so much for lending me your ears!
Thus I can look you in the eyes,
and say I too will
ACT to forge a foundation
which can barely be seen yet
but lives already in people's shining eyes.

Thus I can see reflected into my eyes
the building blocks within
for building the world "without":
the stage providing a world eye
upon the dancers of joy.

I look into your eyes
that I may transformed stand alone
that others building a human pyramid

may climb upon me.
Look at me. Let us talk. We shall soar.

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