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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - BP and Marriage: Poison into Medicine

BP and Marriage: Poison into Medicine


Philip Claude Andermann

The unstaunchable hemhorrage of poison
that through BP we have unleashed upon life
from the slit bowels of the Earth
like some hari-kiri
seems the tiniest harbinger
of what is to follow unstaunchably
if we continue to follow our life-styles
based on false half-seeing premises.

Humankind seemingly was both
dethroned from
and enthroned
the apex of arrogrance
as to its own significance,
by the scientific revolution
initiated by the innocent revelations
of the likes of Copernicus and Darwin.
Copernicus revealed that the universe
does not revolve around our planet,
and Darwin revealed that the human species
appeared by random natural selection
and is not so different
from all other kinds of life.

Thus the universe and life
are far grander than we realized;
through our intellect we seem reduced to animals
living on the tinest speck of dust in the cosmos;
yet unawed by the true actual revealed wonder
around us, and within us
[teaching love],
we have swelled ourselves to proportions
to destroy the only universe we actually have
to sustain us,
as if we were the most ignominiously devolved
of self-destructive virus-parasites.

With our collective seemingly innocent rape of our mother the Earth,
what is humankind?
Are we but "the fly,"
as Sartre always simply referred to Hitler
in his "The Reprieve,"
perhaps causatively because
Hitler treated most other humans
as if they could be crushed like flies?
Can we not control "the fly"
buzzing within our mind
which is driving us to madness?

We have succumbed to the seduction
of vast wars which are nothing but mass murder.
Now with our half-intellect
driven by base emotions,
we are slaughtering the billions of the unborn,
or reducing their environment
to utter impoverishment.

Still, a beautiful child can be born
of the enlightened loving marriage
of science and religion.
They each can create a mirror,
which two when merged together
can create a mirror
to find the higher
out of the ten basic conditions of life,
higher paths of synergistic interdependence,
behind the baser worlds, emotions,
that have driven our intellect,
blind dogmas, our words, our deeds...

May this marriage be celebrated by the music of humanitistic competition,
opening ever deeper dialogue and understanding.
May this child of marriage,
whatever name we finally choose to give her,
still be "the Enlightened One".

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