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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Touching Others# Skies

Touching Others# Skies


Philip Claude Andermann

(dedicated to the touch of baton of mentors like Daisaku Ikeda,
who raised many youths
with compassion for peace)

The song born in your heart
will become a world symphony of voices

if you speak the language of the echoing mountains
of hope in one other's heart

if your melody torrents to earth on song and light
that deep seed-sky linking
all fields, of endeavor with triumph -
feeding a world united in one heart - even just one person's heart.

For then
will your body be that wind instrument perfect playing, for that wind irresistibly rushing
from the future
and then your dance become
a vast range, a mountain wave of life approaching,
a wind from within the bodies of countless youths
billowing their limbs with growth,
a tumult of harmonies resonating even through corridors of
flooding in as to cleans this planet.

Youth - to sing your Ode to Freedom, to burst your Berlin Wall,
to grow Democracy like forests of greatness,
to kaleidoscope to neighbor all those distant hopes:
by YOUR conduct in turn TRULY touch even ONE other person,
and GROW:
for his skin contains the tallest sky.

This is the meaning of the song of your opportunity.
You are presented - not a magic song, but a conductor's wand -

Youth, do you respond?

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