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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - The Kalpa of Decrease

The Kalpa of Decrease


Philip Claude Andermann

The people have thirsted for religion
religions have failed the people
still they thirst for a true one
disasters grow with the benefits of science
is it slander of a true religion?
is it an omen?
disasters have always existed
but now the whole earth is threatened
any true religion must exalt the earth as a living entity
from the vantage of the sun, which nourishes her
and illuminates her for the world
"and still she moves" said Galileo Galilei, the 'revolutionary'
scientist, of the earth
and still she moves with life
around a newly discovered sun which gives her eyes to see
her own beauty
to nourish it
"religion without science is lame,
but science without religion is blind"
said Albert Einstein, who exposed the absolute
constant of light,
and without science we cannot use
the river of our life to irrigate this planet,
but without a true religion this water will never be pure
to nourish it
and slake our thirst

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