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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - The Love Economy

The Love Economy


Philip Claude Andermann

THE LOVE ECONOMY draft 1 5/8/2015

Love transforms,
like differing coins exchanged,
into a thousand faces,
no into countless forms,
yet while it may be multiplied,
it is never destroyed,
in the economy of love.

Truest hope
is born from trouble's friction
transformed by vow together.
It births compassion
from new courage
we multiply
by sharing.

We are thus reborn
to bridge the stars
in farthest night
into constellated empathy
that grows by pointing further
to new unseen
lights beyond:
that absorbed point further
to hidden points so important
only the heart can see them
to gestate
Indra's Net of limitless
caring casting wondrous
deeds of love everywhere,
into human hearts.

What we do not see
of a person's heart
includes the most precious,
the purest feeling.
Thus we keep seeking them,
by offering the treasures
newly discovered at the bottom,
of our own heart,
circulating the new economy of love.

The violence of the sun
can birth

the tenderest touch,
which nothing can destroy - and
which can cure anything destructive
on the exquisite face of Earth,
of the economy of love.

The forgotten
still see us
till we remember
to truly feel
our debt of gratitude
we must return to the future.
Only with a sense of gratitude
does the present make sense,
can gratitude and fortune multiply
in the economy of love.

We are equally
different and unique,
and make the greatest
difference to the world.
As we circulate ourselves
with courage.

are rainbows:
for jaws of clouds
never swallow
the sun,
only release beauty's trail
of new appreciation
for it.
And broken hearts release
the priceless fragrance
of new unique empathy.

Never forget:
are the greater teacher,
writing our future.

We mean to give
life to our children.
but our children give
meaning to our life.

And our fortune is born
from the future.
So the significance of the past
is changed and reborn
to the extent
there is no beginning,
there is not end,
everything is unique creativity
while nothing is lost
and forgotten forever.
Such is the economy made of love.

You the forever unique one.
in forgetfulness,
I just saw you in everyone,
until we truly found
our selves
in each other.

I sought you everywhere
10,000 years,
yet still
you never left my side.

Every instant now
we offer
each other
our present.

The value of our present
is our hopes inspired by the future,
present to the future
of our children.

We two touch everywhere
only by touching all life,
so no one dare break
our mutual Vow.

Each of the above
is the infinitesimal
most crucial
golden coin
of the economy made of love.

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