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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Thank You!

Thank You!


Philip Claude Andermann

I try to keep reminding myself,
that when I "go" I can probably only take with me
what I have left behind for others.

I know that when I die the universe seems to die.
But I know that same is true for you.
Thus your life is more precious
than all the treasures of the universe.
I know because of this pricelessness
we should support each other.
And that we proactively can support others more effectively
than we can depend on the support of others,
and it circles/cycles back.

That we only truly thrive
by taking all responsibility for our destiny:
through understanding
all life is dependent on all other.

That the odds of my conception were infinitesimal
so it was no chance.
We were only born because we each have a unique mission
we must discover and birth to life.

We were each born because of every other
but thenceforth we bear totally responsibility for ourselves:
extending our "selves"
way beyond our skin or our death
to touch others' skies.

We need each other to light the fire
of genuine love
to see ourselves
reflected in each other.

We need mentor role models to be mirrors
to see, within, our own potential,
to polish our inner mirrors
to see within
the courage, wisdom, compassion to inspire others..

That I touch everywhere
by truly being here now
for you.

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