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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Pure Friendship After Decades

Pure Friendship After Decades


Philip Claude Andermann

My cherished friend ,
my sister of priceless worth,
I wonder at the waves rippling
the mirror of memory.
One wonders at the buried treasures
at the bottom of the ocean,
at all the water of different memories
that separate us.
But we are somehow all
still connected.
A friend can somehow
no more be separated
from one's heart
than can a part of one's body.
Oceans cannot divide the world;
they are connecting paths.
The ocean heart pounds.
In fact, somehow
we are all in the same boat
voyaging life
with sails fed by the same breath of hope,
because inside we are all equally human.
On opposite sides of the land,
electrons could unite us in an instant
fast as imagination,
air resistance could soar planes so high
to meet...
and the breezes of music
can thread
and unite the jewels of all hearts.
There are so many decades of your life, family
that are missing for me
and I can't help wondering about them,
just as I wonder almost tearfully
about the yesteryears of other friends,
like vast mysteries of the universe...
I am so glad you are still singing,
evoking for all the pulsing
white threads of Brazilian waterfalls
that power and feed a people;
the infinite love and freedom
of the powerful delicate web
of the magnificent jungle of life;
sharing the beauty
of the dancing flowers
of love each unique,
with such purity,
for all;
any tears of the past decades
threaded in a jeweled necklace linking
and adorning all.
I know
you are always
dancing on the sands of time
of those oceans'
echoing waves...
I am sorry I have so very little time
to express
simply how much I respect you,
who are pure music.

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