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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - Thoughts on Creative Wonder of Compassion

Thoughts on Creative Wonder of Compassion


Philip Claude Andermann

Wandering through the neuron forest
of dancing treasure trees.
Low-bowing treasure fruits!

A different wander yields wonder
and wonderful treasure.

Search for creativity -> evermore creative.
The coming convergence upon true divergence:
a dance between each other,
double upward helix of hybridization.
Hybridization in rapid evolutions
of competing thoughts in subconscious.
Similar perhaps to actual evolution.
Perhaps key for robust evolutions
of all kinds.

For humans, unity must be achieved
through diversity:
to obtain the most creative approach to synergy,
individual creativity, peace
so our mundane life activities can continue
and become the inspiration
to be the source of greatest wonders.

We the stuff of stars
see the linkages of concepts and of the cosmos
creating unimagined freedoms.

Turn the invisible into the greatest medicine, in all:
that the most mundane be made source
of the most creative.
The stuff of poets...

No, it is the infinity of each human heart!

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