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The Web Poetry Corner - Philip Claude Andermann - My Salute to Mothers

My Salute to Mothers


Philip Claude Andermann

"MY SALUTE TO MOTHERS" by Phil, seeking Sensei's heart
(to Susana Moromisato)

Your simple soup
is the most delicious I, your guest,
have ever had.

I hear from you a new language
I have never heard,
one thousand times grander
than that of any love.

How I long to learn the language
of your children,
who would teach me, too,
to build a fortress of peace.

The littlest one
so desperately needs your care,
so full of energy and so frail
and my greatest teacher.

Her eyes will see so far
into the next century
way beyond the greatest telescope,
and for so long they will be sun and moon
for everyone.

And the oldest. [Susan]
The blossoming of soft desire
often attacked by dark winds outside
and so innocent to the storms within
can only be protected by a mirror of faith
through which she can step to open her treasure
tower of self-discovery
and open herself further to society
burning desire into soft compassion
and confident mercy
to open the eyes
of everyone.

And the middle one,
most of them all does not hesitate
to march into society,
to attack any evil.
She must be protected, while taught to fiercely
protect herself
with the truth,
with the spirit of the mystic law, of her true mentors
and with nothing else left but her integrity.

These are the flowers who transform
the huge earth of your love with your husband
who is gentle and strong out of sheerest integrity,
and will more than respond to you.

In the photos of your beautiful families
see your shotenzenjin lined up behnd you, who will also accrue your great fortune for many
an embrace which also never ages.

Is is you mothers who are the examples
all flowers follow
- and the deepest shadows follow -
into light.

It is you who are the greatest warriors of history
spearheading the battle against injustice in society
replacing the thorns in people's hearts with
red roses,
born of the earth of jihi
and the lifeblood of faith.

"Herstory" gives birth to all our victories,
is writ in the sounds of all children
in a new language bonding the family
of the SGI, of the earth, in rebirth.

Perhaps I still have so much to learn
of this language,
but you taught me so much of it with
your bowl of soup,
and I want to do anything to respond.

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