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Philip Claude Andermann

Out upon the shoreline,
I gaze across the sea,
The passing ships and frothy lips
Of wave wooed by the breeze.
Dimly, I perceive the life
That lives beyond my eyes,
A tapestry of conscious dots
Like stars set in the sky,
A web once woven, weaving still,
Though no hands work the loom,
The dream 'to dream' once dreamt's fulfilled,
The self lies in its birthing room.

Hungrily roving through the junk
That dead folk leave behind,
The infant self acquires a wealth
With which to furnish its new mind.
It crawls along a spiderís web
Of meetings and events,
It learns to trade with thoughts it's made,
It learns to struggle and relent

"No man is an island," reads the quote,
But all men are islands, afloat in a sea.
Those two pervasive, paradoxical truths,
Are the root cause of identity.

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